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Shipping, Delivery, and Rates

Tantalizing Stitches is Known for Prompt and Timely Shipments.
 All orders are guaranteed to be shipped within two business days of the receipt of a cleared payment. Orders, however, are generally sent the next business day.


Shipping Charges Only Reflect Actual Shipping Costs
While shipping charges are based on weight and size, most orders will not have a shipping charge greater than:
$7.50 within the United States;
$22.50 to Canada or Mexico; and
$26.50 to all other destinations.

These rates include the cost of insurance. The above rates do not apply in the exceptionally rare situation where U.S. Priority Flat Rate mail is not accepted.

Sometimes the Estimated Shipping Charge May be An Over Calculation. If it is, we include additional items or refund the difference.
If the estimated shipping charges are greater than the actual cost of shipping by more than one dollar, the customer will be reimbursed by way of including additional items to the order or with a refund.

Most items at Tantalizing Stitches are made of metal and thus, although an item may be small, it may have considerable weight.

Order Processing Times Tailored to Your Needs
We understand that there are times when the standard processing will not fit your needs. For this reason, we have provided additional services.

  • Standard Processing: Any item purchased before 5p.m. PST will be processed and shipped within 2 business days. However, in most cases, the item will be shipped within one business day. This 5p.m. time cut off allows us to process orders and prepare for shipments the night before shipping.

  • Expedited Processing: For an additional expedited processing fee, an order purchased between 5p.m. and 11:59p.m. PST will be processed and shipped the next business day, and any item purchased before 6a.m. PST will be processed and shipped the same business day. Simply add the Expedited Processing Service to your shopping cart.

The Shipping Methods Provided are Fast and Flexible
During checkout, the customer has the choice of several alternative shipping methods.

  • Generally Least Expensive Method: This method is generally USPS FIRST CLASS mail. Delivery within the United States includes DELIVERY CONFIRMATION.

  • USPS Priority Mail: This service uses the USPS priority mail service, which estimates that the item will be received within 2-3 days of mailing. This time frame is not guaranteed.

  • USPS Express Mail: This service uses the USPS express mail service, which has a guaranteed time of delivery, per USPS Express mail rules. At any time that the delivery does not meet the USPS Express Mail guaranteed time of delivery, your full shipping charge will be refunded, less any insurance paid for your item. Please read more about USPS Express Mail here: http://webapps.usps.com/expressmailcommitments/landing.jsp
  • Your Shipping Label: This option allows you the most flexibility. You simply choose your own method of shipping (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL), provide your own shipping label with prepaid postage and TS will drop off your package at the appropriate facility. If this method is employed, the customer bares any responsibility for lost or damaged packages. Additionally, because this requires our Shipping Manager to visit a second shipping facility, this option is provided at a nominal fee.
  • Free Pickup in San Jose, CA: If you live in the Bay Area, Tantalizing Stitches provides free pickup Monday through Friday in San Jose city. Please arrange a pickup time by emailing el@tantalizingstitches.com